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Terms and Conditions


“Zacne Apartamenty” (Landlord) – UEM Ubezpieczenia Marcin Rola with registered seat in Kraśnik 23-204, ul. Ks. Zielińskiego 1, registered in CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business), holder of NIP taxpayer ID number: 715-15-71-431 and REGON national business register number: 432693738, serving as party to the short-term suite rental agreement with the Client.

Client – natural person, legal entity, or company serving as party to the short-term rental agreement concerning the suite offered by “Zacne Apartamenty”.


These terms and conditions apply to the rental of suites in Jastarnia through the website of “Zacne Apartamenty”: www.zacneapartamenty.pl.
Booking through the aforementioned website is equivalent to acknowledgement and approval of these Terms and Conditions. The Rental Agreement between “Zacne Apartamenty” (Landlord) and the Client is considered concluded upon booking confirmation. The aforementioned Rental Agreement covers only short-term rental of the suite.


1.1. Booking is exclusive to the website: www.zacneapartamenty.pl.

1.2. After receiving a properly filled order, “Zacne Apartamenty” verifies suite and time availability and informs the Client of such by e-mail.

1.3. Preliminary booking is valid for 72 hours. Booking confirmation requires a down payment of 30% of the total value to the account below:

PKO BP 96 1020 3235 0000 5402 0126 8820


Marcin Rola

ul. Żeromskiego 38

23-204 Kraśnik

1.4. If the down payment is not made within the specified time, the booking is cancelled. The down payment is non-returnable and is equivalent to acceptance of these terms and conditions and the price offer.

1.5. Final booking is confirmed by e-mail to the appropriate address after the funds are received on the aforementioned account.

1.6. The Client must pay the remaining 70% of the calculated rental charge and the additional maintenance fee and accommodation fee to the specified bank account no later than 3 days before the planned visit.


2.1. If the Client’s stay is cut short, the amount corresponding to the unused time is not returned.

2.2. Booking time can be changed only if the suite chosen by the Client is vacant and no later than 14 days before the initial date of arrival.

2.3. If the booking is cancelled by “Zacne Apartamenty”, the full down payment shall be returned to the Client.

2.4. The Client may transfer all booking authorisations to a third party, but only when said third party assumes all booking responsibilities as well. In this situation, “Zacne Apartamenty” must be notified immediately of said change and of the personal data of the new Client, who

acquires the authorisations and responsibilities resulting from the Rental Agreement.


3.1. “Zacne Apartamenty” defines 3 periods:

* low season (between 1 November and 31 March)

* average season (between 1 April and 30 June; between 1 September and 31 October)

* peak season (between 1 July and 31 August)

The price offer, which recognises the aforementioned periods, is available on www.zacneapartamenty.pl.

3.2. The minimum rental time is 2 accommodation days (3 days) in low and average season and 6 accommodation days (one week) in peak season.

3.3 The rental price includes utilities (power, water, heat – in heating season) and 8% VAT.

3.4. The rental price does not include the one-off maintenance fee of PLN 100 gross or the accommodation fee in accordance with current rates for every day of stay of every guest.

3.5. Additional cleaning services during the stay are available according the prices specified on www.zacneapartamenty.pl. The payment shall be made by transfer to the specified bank account or in cash paid to an authorised representative of “Zacne Apartamenty” no later than on the date of the provided service.


4.1. The check-in/check-out time starts at 3:00 on the date of arrival and ends on 11:00 AM on the date of departure.

4.2. The Landlord declares that the building is monitored.

4.3. On the date of arrival, the Client should contact the Landlord or the Landlord’s authorised representative for suite release.

4.4. Smoking inside the suites is prohibited. The suites are equipped with fire and smoke detectors. For each instance of triggering the fire alarm, the Client undertakes to pay a fine of PLN 500 PLN to the Landlord or the Landlord’s authorised representative.

4.5. The suites are subject to quiet hours between 10:00 PM and 06:00 AM and to good neighbour standards. During the quiet hours, only the people declared in the booking process are permitted to be in the suites, no more than the number specified in each suite description on www.zacneapartamenty.pl.

4.6. If the Client should considerably disturb quiet hours, flagrantly violate good neighbour standards, or fail to obey common standards of human relations, the Landlord is authorised to terminate the Rental Agreement with immediate effect and with no obligation to return booking expenses.

4.7. The Client is held financially liable for all damage to the suite and its furnishings. The Client shall be fined for such damage with the costs of returning the suite to the initial condition and said fine shall be paid immediately, no later than on the date of departure.

4.8. Minors should always be under the supervision of adults in the building and inside the suites.

4.9. “Zacne Apartamenty” prohibits presence of pets in the suites.

4.10. Only one parking space is assigned to a suite. The Client undertakes to park in accordance with the guidelines presented in the suite descriptions on www.zacneapartamenty.pl.

4.11. The Landlord is not liable for inconvenience resulting from renovations, noise, interrupted utilities – including internet – supply beyond the control of the Landlord. Malfunctions beyond the control of the Landlord cannot serve as grounds for cancelled bookings or discounts in the prices of the booked suites.

4.12. The Client is authorised to use all appliances installed or provided in the suites in accordance with their instruction manuals available in every suite.

4.13. If the Client should lose the key, magnetic card, or automatic gate remote control, the Client is charged as follows:

* PLN 500 for lost key

* PLN 200 for lost gate remote control

* PLN 100 for lost magnetic card

4.14. The client must wash the dishes and kitchen appliances and throw away the trash before moving out of the suite, since this is not included in the cleaning services.


5.1. The Landlord is not liable for loss of or damage to valuables left in the suites.

5.2. In the event of unpredictable circumstances, the effects of which cannot be removed immediately with common measures, the Landlord reserves the right to offer the Client a substitute suite similar to the initially booked one. In the event of instances of force majeure, the Landlord is authorised to cancel the Rental Agreement. This also applies to instances, where the security of the Client or the Client’s property cannot be guaranteed beyond the control of the Landlord. The amounts paid by the Client are subject to immediate return with deduction of the amounts for services already performed.

5.3. Disputes between “Zacne Apartamenty” and the Client are governed by the law of Poland. All disputes shall be handled by the court appropriate to the registered seat of “Zacne Apartamenty”.

5.4. Matters not regulated by these terms and conditions are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code and appropriate acts.
By booking through www.zacneapartamenty.pl, the Client agrees for the Client’s personal data to be entered into the database of www.zacneapartamenty.pl. Said data shall be processed exclusively for purposes of the booking process, assistance in future booking, and marketing in accordance with the provisions of the act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data. The Client is authorised to review and update the Client’s personal data.

Exclusive apartments in a quiet and beautiful area.

Fully equipped, modern apartments in the dunes, located in a quiet and very attractive part of Jastarnia with direct access to the beach.

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